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Spa still life with water lily and zen stone in a serenity pool
blooming lotus flower


​​I'm glad you've stopped by. You have taken an important and courageous step by looking for help.

Whether you're dealing with a challenging life issue, coping with mental illness, trauma or addiction, or simply interested in personal growth and self-exploration to enhance the quality of your life, you've come to the right place. I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you on your journey of healing and self-discovery.


I use a holistic, feminist, humanistic approach to counseling. The holistic approach addresses the mind/body/spirit connection and recognizes that connection as central to the healing process. The feminist therapy model embraces an egalitarian relationship between therapist/client and encourages feedback and interaction. A humanistic approach recognizes that each client has all the answers within themselves, and a therapists role is to help the client connect with that wise part of self and access those answers. The therapist also provides psycho-education and support, teaches new coping skills and resources, and facilitates in processing and healing unhealed wounds. I am committed to providing each client with the safety, guidance and support necessary for healing growth and recovery.



I chose the name Lotus Counseling for my practice because of the meaning ascribed to the Lotus Flower in Buddhism.  The lotus flour grows in muddy water, and comes out of that murky environment to bloom into something healthy, strong,  beautiful and thriving.  The lotus flower  rises above the darkness to reach the light.  It persists in its struggle until it frees itself from the shadows and reaches its potential. 

I love this as a wonderful metaphor for the work I do with my clients.

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