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Sarah’s Circle  Retreats are a relational journey in the company of  other women.   We invite you to be one of those women at the next retreat.

Retreats generally begin on Thursday afternoons around  3:00 PM.  Participants may choose to arrive on Friday also. Retreats usually end between noon and 4:00 PM on Sunday.


Bring comfortable clothing, i.e. sweats. There are walking/hiking trails nearby, and a small lake.  A massage therapist will be available at a cost of $(will be annouced) hour.  You can choose a private room or a double room, and we can provide roommate matching.  The retreats are held at Il Ritiro Retreat Center, about a 45 minute drive from St.Louis, Missouri.

2 nights: $280 shared room and $330 private room
3 nights: $330 shared room and $380 private room

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