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Sarah’s Circle  Retreats are a relational journey in the company of  other women.   We invite you to be one of those women at the next retreat.

Susan Hall, M.Ed., NCC, LPC and Nancy Golden, M.Ed.,LPC put together the first retreat in the Fall of 1999.  They saw the need for women to retreat from their busy lives and take time out for themselves.  While there were dozens of offerings for workshops and seminars, there did not seem to be an opportunity for women to come together in a place of peace, serenity and support to relax, unwind and release their stress. 

The name “Sarah’s Circle” was inspired by a reference in “A Woman’s Journey to God”, by Joan Borysenko.  It refers to a woman’s personal/spiritual growth journey being circular, rather than linear.  Any growth within the circle is spread outward through every member of the  circle.  The circle helps women access their inner wisdom, intuition, creativity and spiritual center.  The retreats are held at a beautiful rural setting. There are some planned activities and a few relaxation exercises, such as guided imagery, aimed at helping women quiet down and relax.  The rest of the time women are free to walk the grounds, read, nap, share, swim, meditate, get a massage or engage in a creative or expressive art form.
We invite you to join us on a retreat soon. 


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